Kontor in Erfurt is a location of development. A creative space
with history, which invites you to contribute today

1959 - 1989

GHG Haushaltswaren
The industrial buildings of the Haushaltswaren Großhandelsgesellschaft (GHG) were built in 1958,
commissioned by the Erfurt district consumer initiative
(Konsum-Bezirksverband). They provided central storage for various plastic household items, porcelain services, glasses,
ovens and stoves for further processing. By 1961, an additional administrative building, an intermediate building, a gatehouse and a warehouse were added to the original cellar and upper floors of the logistics centre.

1990 - 2017

Tide an time
Haushaltswaren GHG broke down with the reunification in Germany. Within a few years, a flourishing workplace became an abandoned industrial ruin. Over 25 years of vacancy left its mark. In addition to nature, urban graffiti artists conquered the building, thereby continuing to paint the history of the building. In 2010 the structure was placed under a preservation order as an industrial monument.

2017 - 2019

The former Kontor business office has been converted since
2017. Modern, contemporary working worlds sprung up in the warehouse halls in the context of industrial architecture. The reinforced concrete, skeleton structure building with a floor
area of 32 m by 110 m consists of three floors with two characteristic main gables. A central aisle structure was developed for the internal spacial organisation of the offices
and ateliers. This sculpturally accommodates all ancillary areas, such as kitchenettes, meeting rooms and archives over two
levels and zones the previously open floor spaces into flexible, divisible rental units.


Kontor means openness, networking, sharing and forward thinking. Since it was completed in 2019, if has provided rentable office and project areas for offices, studios and ateliers. The house is conceived for companies and projects from all industries - from start-ups to visual artists, from companies in creative industries down to established companies in the field of industry 4.0. Kontor provides extraordinary rooms for workshops, conferences or events where you and your team, customers or partners can approach and successfully realise your project. We look forward to welcoming you, whether as a visitor or someone looking for a new creative home.